Making Masterpieces with Gingerbread House Patterns

Haunted Gingerbread House

Gingerbread Houses for Halloween

Gingerbread house patterns have become a popular item over the holiday season. Even though the actual act of constructing a house of baked goods and candy is far from new, modern families have the luxury of internet access which can help them find and download templates instantly. Whether you want Christmas trees, Santa’s house or something for an entirely different holiday, there are gingerbread house patterns available to accommodate you.

Review All Instructions and Recipes First

Just because you can download your gingerbread house patterns quickly doesn’t mean you should dive right into the process. Anytime you try a new recipe, it is important to go over each step first before mixing the first ingredients.

Make sure you have everything on hand. This will prevent any unexpected mishaps and wasted batter when you realize you are short on something.  This is especially important when baking the pieces. It is easier to improvise on decorations than it is on the actual gingerbread.

Do an Ingredient Double Check

Once you have read through all the steps, purchased any necessary ingredients and reviewed your gingerbread house patterns, you may be ready to begin. Before you do, take a moment to double check your list. It can help to retrieve each ingredient from the pantry, fridge or cupboard. When doing so, also verify that you have the proper quantity for your ginger bread house pattern. Our kits include a recipe so you know exactly what to have on hand.

This step may seem redundant, but it can help ensure gingerbread house success. You can discover anything that may have been overlooked and have all the items you need gathered to cut down on preparation time. It is much easier to grab what you need when you need it rather than stopping to dig around for a missing ingredient!

Look At Finished Gingerbread House Images for Inspiration

Check out the product image for your gingerbread house pattern. You will see a completed product with colored icing, candies and all the trimmings.  You don’t have to follow the example exactly, but it can help you find inspiration for your own creation.  This step will also help you identify each part and get a feel for what the assembled structure will look like.  You may want to have the image bookmarked on your phone or PC so you can return to it later if necessary.

Hansel and Gretel Gingerbread House

Children’s Fairy Tale Gingerbread House

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Really Creative!

One of the best characteristics of the traditional gingerbread house is its unique appearance. Each family that builds one usually produces something completely new and original. The same can be done with gingerbread house patterns. You may be utilizing a kit with a pre-made template and a product image, but that doesn’t mean you are required to build an exact replica of the sample.

Try adding a personal touch by picking out different candy pieces or a new color combination. There are no rules when constructing a ginger bread house, so you can approach the task however you like. It is not recommended that you deviate from the template however the decorating process is very flexible and allows you total artistic freedom.

There is something magical about building the perfect gingerbread house. Whether your house looks more like a tree, a shoe, or something out of a children’s fairy tale, it will make a beautiful addition to your holiday festivities.

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