Gingerbread – the book

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With SO MUCH information out there on the web we thought it would be a great idea to condense all the knowledge and our years of experimenting into an easy to read, no-nonsense little booklet that will tell you everything you need to know to make fantastic gingerbread houses, famous buildings, fantasy castles or even sports stadiums.
Print it out, keep it handy and refer to the numerous hints and tips during your baking.

This will also help greatly if you are a novice baker or first timer and are nervous about getting it right……or not creating a saggy mess!

Here is the table of contents:

Gingerbread - The Book

  • Our Famous Gingerbread Recipe
  • How to Make Gingerbread in Five Easy Steps
  • Rolling and Cutting Gingerbread – Using Patterns
  • How to Make Royal Icing (the ‘Glue’)
  • How to Decorate Your Gingerbread house
  • Tips, Tricks & Insider Secrets


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