5 Great Gingerbread House Building Tips to Use This Holiday Season

Learning how to make a gingerbread house can be a ton of fun, especially when you do it with friends and family.

While the process is generally entertaining, there can be issues that arise that make it a little more frustrating than it has to be.

Most of this is eliminated by the kit contents, which provides recipes and templates that streamline the process.

After purchasing your Santa’s House, Christmas tree or other kit, make sure you apply these easy gingerbread house building tips to keep the holiday as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible!

Gingerbread ingredients

Tip 1: Prepare Your Pieces Earlier to Reduce Downtime

You have everyone together in the kitchen, dining room or wherever you plan to assemble your gingerbread house.

All the ingredients are there and tools you need to finish your baked masterpiece.  So what happens after mixing up the recipe included in your kit? Now everyone has to wait. There’s nothing worse than building the family up just to make them go watch TV or hang out while the batter cooks.

Prepare your pieces beforehand. If you can’t do it the same day, then consider placing them in an airtight container with sheets of wax paper between each segment.  Store the pieces in a cold place, like the refrigerator for up to a week. The uncooked dough can be frozen for as long as a month.

Part of learning how to make a ginger bread house includes learning how to plan you time accordingly so everyone gets maximum entertainment out of the process!

Tip 2: Pick Out the Right Icing to Go With Your Gingerbread House Kit

Gingerbread Shoe

Gingerbread Shoe House

Every gingerbread house, whether you choose the Gingerbread shoe or Santa’s House, requires a good sturdy icing to stay together.

Royal icing is the most highly recommended however there may be recipes for a strong alternative. Do not use standard cake icing purchased in grocery stores. This is generally not strong enough to hold together an elaborate structure.

Make sure you get the icing REALLY thick before using – this is the GLUE so it has to be strong!

Tip 3: Food Coloring Paste is Better Than Liquid Coloring

If you take the time to build a gingerbread Christmas tree or Hobbit house, then you want to make sure you have vibrant colors to complement the unique building shape.

Food coloring paste is the best solution for dying plain icing.  You may already have the liquid version at home, but keep in mind that this can change the consistency of the icing and reduce its strength.

Tip 4: If You Aren’t Going to Eat It, Consider Gluing It

Not everyone wants to bite down into the lovely work of holiday art they just created. Others may have dietary concerns that prevent them from eating so many sweet tidbits.

If you don’t plan on devouring the results of your beautiful fairy tale or holiday gingerbread house kit, then consider using hot glue in place of icing to hold it together.

This may speed up the process and give you more ways to customize the finished piece. You may even find that it is easier to learn how to make a ginger bread house when you can use non-edible materials to provide extra support.

Tip 5: Give Yourself Lots of Space and Organize Materials First

Your gingerbread house kit will include recipes, templates and tips to help you get started.  Once you have these plus all your decorating materials available, your work area may become overwhelming. Make sure you give yourself (or your family members) adequate space to work comfortably.

A flat table or counter top is best with plenty of bright lighting. Also consider organizing your candies and other goodies into containers so they are easier to find as you decorate. With a little planning, your gingerbread house kit can become something amazing!

Gingerbread Hobbit House

Gingerbread Hobbit House

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