5 Breathtaking Gingerbread Houses That Will Make Your Holiday Brighter

Gingerbread houses come in many shapes, styles and themes.  You aren’t required to stick with the same old box shaped house that has been used traditionally.Many families and individuals have created some amazing works of edible art using gingerbread.  The following five gingerbread houses will make an exciting addition to your holiday décor!

A Traditional Gingerbread House, with a twist: Santa’s Dwelling

Santa's House

Santa’s Charming Gingerbread House

Santa Claus is a pretty popular guy around Christmas time. Why not commemorate this beloved character with a charming Santa gingerbread house! This cozy creation has a welcoming feel, complete with winter icicles and tiny windows.

Children can imagine Mr. and Mrs. Claus along with the elves working hard to make toys and other gifts for good girls and boys.

This design is also an excellent piece to use with a detailed display area. Consider building it on a larger piece of cardboard so you can create an entire yard decorated in snow, elves and other playful wintry things.

Literary Fans Love Gingerbread Houses: The Hobbit Hole

Gingerbread Hobbit House

Gingerbread Hobbit House

The Hobbit gingerbread house is truly a rare find that any Tolkien fan can admire.  This piece may not be 100% accurate, but it is a very good representation of a handsome hobbit hole. It’s robust round shape is also unique compared to the straight edged buildings that are usually featured.

Consider collecting brightly colored candies and other pieces to give the exterior lots of character. This is another great piece that would benefit from the addition of a bigger yard that could be filled with a beautiful candy garden, one that Samwise Gamgee would be proud of!

It’s the Nightmare Before Christmas All Over Again: A Haunted Gingerbread House

Haunted Gingerbread House

Halloween Gingerbread House

Christmas is a great time of year for gingerbread houses, but it’s not the only season that lets families bake and decorate for fun!  Halloween gingerbread houses are another great alternative that come with plenty of visual appeal and customization options.

You can design your haunted house in October or save it for winter to go with a Nightmare Before Christmas decor theme.

This popular movie has elements of both holidays, bringing them together in a way never before realized.

Your ginger bread houses can do the same when you construct a haunted abode right down the street from Santa’s house!

Something Different in Gingerbread: The Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Gingerbread Christmas Tree

Gingerbread houses aren’t always shaped like actual homes. Some of our templates break away from the usual cube shaped structure to feature other cherished holiday symbols.

A Christmas tree in gingerbread has just as much meaning with a completely different look.

Also consider combining two gingerbread houses to build one big display. Our Christmas tree kit can be set up near any of our other houses to create a highly detailed scene that complements the holidays. Just remember to leave space between each so you have room to work when decorating. It is often best to assemble both separately then carefully place them on the same surface before decorating the surrounding area.

Make it a Fairy Tale Holiday: The Hansel and Gretel House

Hansel and Gretel Gingerbread House

Hansel and Gretel Gingerbread House

Fairy tales are often told during the Christmas season. You can bring some of those stories to life with detailed gingerbread houses! The Hansel and Gretel house kit is a fun option that comes with limitless decorative potential.  Make it even more exciting by telling little ones the tale of poor Hansel and Gretel as you construct the gingerbread house!

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